Shri Rajendra Rathore, known as "Jan Nayak," voiced the concerns of the people of Rajasthan. He assumed leadership as the President of Rajasthan University in 1989 and has continuously served as a member of the Legislative Assembly since his first election in 1990. Shri Rajendra has captured the hearts of people not just within the state but also nationally and internationally through his eloquence and analytical ability. He represented India at an international youth conference held in Moscow in 1981. Under his leadership, the "Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter" campaign achieved success in 2014, and its exceptional participation earned it a place in the Limca Book of Records.


Full Name Rajendra Rathod
Father’s Name Late Shri Uttamsingh Rathore
Mother’s Name Smt. Harphool Kanwar
Date of Birth April 21, 1955
Place of Birth Jaipur
Education B.Sc., M.A., LL.B., Diploma in Labour Law
Date of Marriage February 17, 1979

Shri Rajendra Rathore was born on April 21, 1955, in the village of Harpalsar, Sardarshahar tehsil, Churu district, Rajasthan. His father’s name is Uttam Singh, and his mother’s name is Harphool Kanwar. He comes from a cultured family of Rathore Sahibs, who are also well-educated. Rajendra Ji obtained his degrees of B.Sc., MA, and LLB from Rajasthan University. He got married to Mrs. Chand Kanwar in 1979. Their son, Shri Parakram Rathore, is an entrepreneur and a follower of his father’s ideals.


Shri Rajendra Rathore is a name that every person living in Rajasthan recognises and associates with his name and work. Whether it’s about the public or issues related to the public, people refer to the famous Shri Rajendra Rathore as the “Jan Nayak” (people’s leader). This name has been given by the people of the state to Shri Rajendra Rathore for his style of working, his personal connection with the people, his accountability, and his diligent attitude.


Shri Rajendra Rathore has been a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Rajasthan continuously for the 7th time, representing the opposition party. He has shown remarkable performance in the Assembly. He began his journey as the President of Rajasthan University in 1979 and represented India in the International Youth Conference held in Moscow in 1981. He has held positions like State Minister and Deputy State President of the Bharatiya Janata Party and has gained experience from foreign trips to countries like Moscow, Thailand, and Tanzania. In 2009, Shri Rajendra Rathore was elected as the best legislator in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.


Shri Rajendra Rathore has been actively involved as a member of various committees of the Legislative Assembly, such as the Home Committee, Public Accounts Committee, and Political Programmes Committee. He has also represented India at the 25th CPAP Seminar held in Tanzania. He has worked in the departments of health and medical, public construction, rural and panchayati Raj, parliamentary affairs, and law and justice for a long time. Shri Rajendra Rathore is known as an extremely articulate and influential speaker in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. He is well-prepared on every subject and presents facts and figures effectively. As a minister, where he remains proactive while being in opposition, he has been performing the task of highlighting the shortcomings of the state government very well.


Shri Rajendra Rathore is a hardworking administrator who deeply analyses figures and facts and delivers results. Due to direct contact with employees and the general public, he understands the root causes of problems and has always been an asset to the government as a minister with his ideas and skills. He maintains a lively connection with his constituency. Listening to the grievances of the public and resolving their issues on a daily basis is an important part of Shri Rajendra Rathore’s routine. It is noteworthy that people come to him not only with their personal and family problems but also with astonishment as he effectively resolves them. Shri Rajendra Rathore is free from religious and caste biases. That is why people from all religions and castes come to him with equal respect to get their problems resolved and feel connected to him. The reason behind this is his simple and gentle behaviour, which has made him a beloved figure since he was elected as a legislator in 1990. Among the political friends of Shri Rajendra Rathore, not only leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party are included, but their circle of friendship extends beyond party lines. Their friendship has a wide range, and their image is renowned as a beloved leader in every heart. Overall, Shri Rajendra Rathore is a well-respected and dedicated politician who has served the state of Rajasthan diligently, maintaining a strong bond with his constituency.


A young student from Harpalsar, Churu district, who has traversed a long journey from politics to the legislative assembly, has earned recognition for his outstanding decisions and persuasive skills, capturing the hearts of both the public and his party. Time and again, Rathore Sahib also made appearances in the media. Now, let's explore some of his life's accomplishments.
Representation of India in the Youth Conference

1981 - Representation of India in the International Youth Conference held in Moscow.

Save Daughters, Educate Daughters Campaign

December 21, 2014 - Included in the Limca Book of Records for the historic number in the Save Daughters, Educate Daughters campaign.

Tambaku Chhodao, Yuva Bachao Campaign

May 15, 2015 - Inclusion of the Tambaku Chhodao, Yuva Bachao Campaign oath-taking ceremony in the India Book of Records.

Construction of Roads in Villages

There were many villages in Churu without roads a few decades ago. But now, almost every village has been connected by roads from all sides.

Infrastructure Development

Water tanks have been built in those Churu villages where there is no drinking water available. The plan for clean drinking water has been implemented more effectively.

Development in the Field of Education

A medical college has been established in Churu. In addition to that, schools have been built in villages based on the demand of the rural population.

Electrification and Electricity in Villages

It is the result of the relentless efforts of Shri Rajendra Rathore that electricity is available in most of the villages in Churu. If the power goes out for a short period, the people here directly contact the minister.

Oxygen Plant

In Churu, an "Oxygen Plant" was set up in record time, initiating a campaign to save lives.

Lockdown - 2020

During the lockdown, bird feeders were set up at various sites on account of the "Ek Parinda, Ek Palak Abhiyan," and "Annapurna Akshay Patra" programmes.