In the state of Rajasthan, Rajendra Rathore, a dedicated worker of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is known for raising the voice of the people. He is a prominent figure in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, serving as an opposition leader. Due to his consistent efforts and skillfulness, he is considered a frontline servant of the people, having been elected as a legislator seven times.


The people of the state have given Rajendra Rathore this title based on his work style, dedication to the public, accountability, and diligent attitude. He maintains direct contact with employees and the general public, which helps him understand the root causes of problems. Rajendra ji has been an expert administrator who analyses statistics and facts in depth and remains hardworking and result-oriented. Whether it’s the voice of the people or issues related to the public, he is known for outspokenly addressing them. Rajendra Rathore, who is known as the “People’s Leader” by the state’s citizens for his work ethic, commitment to the public, responsibility, and conscientious attitude, has earned this accolade from the state’s citizens.


Moreover, Rathore is recognised as a troubleshooter for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the state’s political structure. He is far away from religious and caste fanaticism. As a result, people from all religions and castes come to him with their problems, and they feel a connection with him. The reason behind this is his simple and gentle behaviour, which has remained consistent since he was elected as a legislator in 1990 until today.


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