Churu – Oxygen Plant

With the determination that “Churu will defeat Corona,” the Dedraj Bhartia Hospital in Churu district headquarters imported an “Atal Sanjivani Plant” from abroad at a cost of 72 lakh rupees. This plant has a capacity to produce 100 cylinders of oxygen per day, and it was formally inaugurated at 30 NM, dedicated to the people of Churu. As a result, the Dedraj Bhartia District Hospital now ensures a daily supply of oxygen without any delay. This achievement is the direct result of everyone’s collective support. The approval to establish the oxygen plant was obtained from the state government on May 12, and within just 11 days, the plant was purchased and dedicated to the public, which is a significant accomplishment. Today, Churu district has become self-sufficient in terms of oxygen, all thanks to the presence of the oxygen plant.