Churu Model

Taking into consideration the second wave of the deadly global pandemic, COVID-19, I initiated the “Churu Model” through the Panchayat Samiti Churu. Under this model, selected medicines from the medical kit provided by the state government for COVID-19 treatment are being distributed to every village through two COVID warriors when there are initial symptoms of Churu Model

Churu – Oxygen Plant

With the determination that “Churu will defeat Corona,” the Dedraj Bhartia Hospital in Churu district headquarters imported an “Atal Sanjivani Plant” from abroad at a cost of 72 lakh rupees. This plant has a capacity to produce 100 cylinders of oxygen per day, and it was formally inaugurated at 30 NM, dedicated to the people Churu – Oxygen Plant

Corona – 2020

I embarked on a journey, carrying hopes in my bag, to alleviate the hardships of people during the Corona crisis. Today, I have come a long way to overcome their suffering. In this journey, I have lost some things and gained some. Whenever I remember, the pain intensifies. I have witnessed the time of the Corona – 2020