Corona – 2020

I embarked on a journey, carrying hopes in my bag, to alleviate the hardships of people during the Corona crisis. Today, I have come a long way to overcome their suffering. In this journey, I have lost some things and gained some.

Whenever I remember, the pain intensifies. I have witnessed the time of the global pandemic, Corona, from up close, and even today, we all continue to witness it. It is impossible to imagine a recurrence of this pandemic that we are experiencing.

During the Corona period, I began my journey with the first wave by organizing a meeting in my constituency, Churu, while practicing social distancing. In this meeting, we strategized to fight against Corona, and from here, this journey of hopes examined the mismanagement happening in hospitals at various places.

During that time, the pain of Corona’s mismanagement was clearly visible on the faces of the people. Which cannot be forgotten. This epidemic has emerged as a big challenge, along with causing problems for the people. Due to this epidemic, people lost their jobs. Many businesses came to a standstill, and thousands of families became indebted to moneylenders. Living during this period became a big challenge. With whom it was necessary to fight. But where is the war won on an empty stomach?

It was only then that the thought came to my mind that “no one sleeps hungry,” and I set out to provide food to those destitute families in Churu, taking my near and dear ones along with me. Since then, this journey has continued, and through this ration, food items have been provided to thousands of families. It was the beauty of this campaign that in this time of Corona, the speechless animals and birds were also given grain, water, fodder, and several quintal trucks of fruits, watermelon, ghee, cabbage, and other vegetables in lockdown for various animals, including cows, with the same determination. Kept being sent The prolonged lockdown has troubled everyone. The concern for livelihoods started coming to the fore. Even in this hour, we did not lose courage, and under the able guidance of the country’s most popular Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, and BJP organization head JP Nadda, we started many “service work” campaigns. This service work is still going on.

Through this, thousands of families who were affected by Corona were supported. Giving strength to my determination, the Bhamashahs, with their cooperation, worked continuously to satisfy the hunger of the birds by planting parindas at various places during the lockdown through “Ek Parinda, Ek Palak Abhiyan” and “Annapurna Akshay Patra”, which resulted in pleasant results that can be seen even today. In the first wave of Corona, on March 24, the entire country was locked down for 21 days. Then, due to the outbreak of this epidemic, thousands of immigrants travelled miles and miles to reach their homes. Then, to make the journey of these immigrants accessible, thousands of immigrant passersby were made to wear padukas from the “Charan Paduka Abhiyan”. Whose happiness was clearly visible on his face. This was an attempt to reduce the pain of those blisters on their feet, which those people got due to the condition of Corona.

Time passed, and slowly this journey picked up its pace, and Churuvasi walked with me step by step to collect more than one crore in aid for the multipurpose “PM Cares Fund”, from honouring the Corona warriors. I am very happy about this. Meanwhile, I stayed away from my near and dear ones for some time due to the grip of Corona, and after winning the battle with Corona, I again started moving towards my destination. For my health, the residents of Churu also conducted prayers and worship. This is the love of Churu residents towards me, which is priceless.

In order to prevent the knock of Corona from spreading in my workplace, Churu, myself, and my colleagues went door-to-door sanitizing on foot, ran an awareness campaign to alert the people, and also distributed PPE kits, sanitizer bottles, masks, and decoctions. So that the residents of Churu do not come under the grip of Corona.

The second wave of Corona in the year 2021

No matter how much you scare us, we will not lose our courage. Will fight strongly and accept Corona after defeating it. It was only through this thought that my mind and will gained constant firmness. We are again ready to face the second wave of the global pandemic. Although the second wave of Corona is proving to be more deadly than its first wave, I don’t know how many families have been ruined by it. Thousands of innocent people became orphans and homeless due to the untimely deaths of their loved ones. Due to the shortage of Pranavayu, many lives were destroyed, and people left the company of loved ones. Then he took the initiative to save the lives of the people by setting up an “oxygen plant” in Churu in record time.